Capturing youtube movies

Two ways to save youtube movies to disk for offline viewing.

Fast method (completely webbased)
0) Goto zamzar and paste the youtube url, for example
1) choose the output format you want, I chose avi
2) Fill in your emailadress. You’ll receive a download link, not the entire file)
If you’re affraid to be added to a spammerlist use this service to get a temp mail adress:
3) The service downloads the movie (this is the progress bar you’ll see). After it is downloaded, it starts a conversion process on the server and when that is finished you’ll get an email containing the link to the avi file. In my case it took 5 minuts before I got the email.
4) A 4minut movie resulted in a 50MB avi file I could download at 100KB/sec.

Slower method (gives you more control over the output movie)
1. Download Firefox “DownloadHelper” extension.
2. Go to youtube, right click a specific movie and select “Download videos from youtube link(s)”
3. The movie gets downloaded in the “flv” format.
4. This is playable with the open source mplayer
5. To convert to mpeg format, use flv to avi tutorial



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