Remote control for SLR cameras

The first problem I experienced during my Quest For Creating High Dynamic Range photos is misalignment of the different exposure shots. Even pushing the shutter button as gently as possible results in the camera moving slightly, creating a different frame.

This problem can be solved by a remote shutter. The Canon EOS400D I own has some interfaces that can be used for remote control: IR, a 2.5mm audio-type input jack, usb.

These are the options I found so far, appart from the obvious “go to the store and buy the overpriced canon accessoire remote shutter”:

  • Use a TI-83 or 84 calculator as a remote shutter using the 2.5mm data cable that comes with it:instructables tutorial
  • Creating a remote shutter button from a cheap handsfree kit, also uses 2.5mm:lifehacker article
  • Use it in combination with a ultra small handy laptop such as the asus eeepc which I proudly posess 🙂 and the DSLRRemotePro software and a USB cable: DLSRRemotePro

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