Music – long time favorites

Muse – Citizen Erased

Explosively good, especially live:

Joy division – Dead Souls

Together with Nirvana the only band of which I enjoy everything they’ve made. Dead souls is their most instrumental songs. Though Ian Curtis was only about 23 years old at that time he had the voice of an old man. After seeing the movie ‘control’, I appreciate his music  even more. Don’t mind the slideshow of death artist during the song, bit creepy.

Johny Turbo – Beroepsslaapkamerdeure 

A satirical song in a Dutch dialect (West-Flemish). Johny was a local performer who was admired by (among others) students for his comical songs. The title “beroepsslaapkamerdeure” means literally “professional sleeping room door”. In this song a (hotel)door complains about being treated badly by the company and it tries to convince the rest of the hotelfurniture to join a union strike. In my opinion it’s a song critical of people who like to complain about details and dislike work.

Jay-Z – 99 problems

I dislike r&b/hiphop in general, Jay-Z might be the sole exception.   Maybe it’s because I appreciate Linkin Park and the album they made together (collision coarse) sugarcoated the pill. Or maybe he stands out of the genre in some ways.



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