Mac OSX Tiger installation notes

I’m posting a copy of the installation steps I took during a reinstall of OSX 10.4 on my mac mini. As I did it more than a year ago I don’t remember all the details. What I do remember is you can tremendously decrease the footprint OSX leaves on your harddisk  by doing a non-default installation.

On the preinstalled system 15GB of the 80GB disk was occupied. After doing a custom install and deselecting loads of bloat I didn’t need, it was trimmed down to 3GB. 

This 2005 first generation model of the mac mini with limited specs (powerpc, 80GB hd, 512mb ram) really benefited from this tweaked, leaner and faster OSX installation.

Here’s a list steps I followed / software I installed. Software is mostly free open source software except for superduper.

  • Make backup image of old system with superduper to external disk
  • superduper with basic functions is free!
  • More info: SuperDuper is the most advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program available for OS X. It can, of course, make a full backup, or “clone” — in moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file. In even less time, you can update an existing clone with the latest data: use Smart Updateand, minutes later, your backup is completely up to date!
  • OSX installation: choose for custom/advanced/options… whatever they call it
  • By default OSX comes with 3GB of printer drivers!!!
  • Deselecting the drivers you don’t need saves 2.95GB
  • I didn’t use garageband, imovie, … so I deselected it, saves lots of gigabytes
  • Disabled the dashboard for performance (don’t use those widgets anyway)
  • Keyboard layout for a belgian, non apple (eg PC) keyboard: Ramcon Tramo sorted this out
  • Vlc multimedia player, plays most video formats
  • Adium (chat client for msn,…)
  • Keepassx (compatible with keepass for windows)
  • Handbrake (dvd ripping)
  • The unarchiver (zip files,…)
  • Tinkertool  – disable graphical animations etc. for performance
  • Privoxy, proxy that filters adds
  • Set it up privoxy so that it doesn’t log everything, configure browsers to use it (port 8118)
  • Firefox
  • Appdelete to completely remove unused apps
  • Fugu (ssh, scp client)
  • OSX commandline ftp client is quite complete/advanced, better than the windows client ofcourse
  • Shadowkiller (disable shadow effect around windows, performance tweak)
  • Addon for safari browser: “stand” makes it open new windows in tabs, quicksearches like in firefox
  • Then why nog just use firefox? in my experience ff is less stable and slower than safari on osx
  • The Gimp for photo editing
  • Flip4mac to play wmv files (vlc can do this but flip4mac is for wmv files that are embedded in websites)
  • AutomountMaker: automatically mount (samba) shares automatisch 
  • Xcode2.5 (1 Gb! contains gnu gcc, only need this if you want to compile stuff on osx)
  • Frostwire (like limewire, but opensource, java app but smooth and fast anyway).
  • Editra. Text editor written in Python, cross platform, no stable version yet but the only open source text editor I like on osx

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